Who Was Noah Webster?

Though he is now considered an American hero, Noah Webster’s beginning was very humble. Born to your typical colonial family in 1758, young Webster enjoyed learning more than most children his age. He decided to pursue a career in teaching, where he quickly realized that the American educational system was outdated. Webster pioneered change by producing his own textbook, referred to as the “Blue-Backed Speller”, which taught children how to read, spell, and pronounce words for over 100 years!

One of his greatest achievements was the creation of the American Dictionary of the English Language, now known as the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Webster’s dictionary transformed the American language from traditional English to a unique, common language that unified how people across our country communicate with each other.

In addition to his contributions to the American language, he also founded Amherst College, fought for universal education, and raised eight children with his wife of 54 years. We are extremely proud and honored to be named after a true innovator of American education!