Writing Samples

Website Content

Client: No Pressure Selling

Project Description: This B2B client needed fresh content for their new website that would engage their target audience and generate leads. I organized and wrote their website content in a way that positioned the company as industry experts, and ensured the benefits of their services were clearly and effectively presented.

Read a sample of No Pressure Selling website content.

Client: Noah Webster Schools

Project Description: For this project I was tasked with writing a short story about the history of the school’s namesake, Noah Webster. The content was short and written to entertain and inform on their “about” page.

Read a sample of Noah Webster website content.

Client: MCA Financial Group

Project Description: For this B2B client I wrote content for the new, updated website. The project involved communicating the benefits of working with this firm, as well as short, clearf descriptions of all of their different types of services.

Read a sample of MCA Financial Group’s website content.

Client: Paradise Medspa

Project Description: This client regularly added new services to their business which needed to be sold through their website. I wrote optimized website content for a particular service to asnwer the target audience’s questions and help them envision the benefits of getting the treatment with the client.

Read a sample of Paradise Medspa website content.

Blog Content

Client: The Honest Kitchen

Project Description: I regularly write articles for The Honest Kitchen’s blog on topics related to pet sitting, my current business and passion.

Read a sample of the blog How to Prepare Your Pets for a Staycation.

Read a sample of the blog Quick Tips for Dog Walking Safety.

Read a sample of the blog Tips for Finding the Right Pet ID Tag.

Read a sample of the blog Pet Boarding vs. Pet Sitting: Which is Better for You and Your Pet?

Read a sample of the blog Is a Pet Sitting Job Right for You?

Read a sample of the blog 5 Ways to Be a ‘Pawsome’ Pet Sitting Client.

Project Description: I was tasked with writing two blogs per month for a retail client. The client sells a variety of items including outdoor items, ranch supplies, and pet food and other supplies. One blog was on the topic of pets.

Read a sample of the blog How to Keep Your Pets Healthy at Home.

Read a sample of the blog How to Prepare Horses for Winter.

Client: Zion & Zion

Project Description: As an employee of the agency I was required to contribute articles for the company blog on a regular basis. I wrote about content marketing to provide readers with tips on how to improve their company’s content, and give the agency credibility as well as internal links to other articles on the site.

Read a sample of the blog How to Write Homepage Content for Your Website.

Social Media

Client: Zion & Zion

Platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram

Project Description: I wrote monthly content calendars, scheduled posts, and monitored activity for the advertising agency I worked for. Posts typically included spotlighting interesting facts about employees, throwbacks or announcements about different events employees were involved with, and promoting articles from the company blog.

See a sample of Zion & Zion social media content.

Client: Venezia’s Pizzeria

Platform: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Project Description: I wrote monthly content calendars, scheduled posts, and monitored activity for a restaurant client. Posts typically included special offers, announcements for events the restaurant was participating in, and fun/lighthearted posts on different menu items and holidays.

See a sample of Venezia’s Pizzeria social media content.

Email Copy

Client: Imperial Wholesale

Project Description: I wrote a number of different sales emails to promote this flooring client’s different projects. They had both a commercial and residential email list for which I tailored each email’s message to, as appropriate.

See a sample of Imperial Wholesale email copy.

Client: Venezia’s Pizzeria

Project Description: I wrote two emails per month on seasonal, as well as company-specific, topics. The client saw a steady increase in sales of more than 10% with a year of my writing emails for them. Results were measured through coupon codes that their customers used to redeem coupons provided in the emails.

Read a sample of Venezia’s Pizzeria email copy.

Client: ARS/Rescue Rooter

Project Description: This client had a large list of clients for which I wrote emails for on a regular basis. The goal of the emails were to provide helpful tips and keep the company top of mind with their clientele.

Read a sample of ARS/Rescue Rooter email copy.

Landing Page Copy

Client: Shoppers Supply

Project Description: For this project I took copy written by a senior copywriter and expanded upon it to increase word count and improve SEO. This required thorough copyediting to ensure a seamless voice throughout the copy. The client was pleased with the result.

Read Shoppers Supply landing page copy.

Print Advertisements

Client: Imperial Wholesale

Project Description: I was tasked with writing an attention-grabbing headline for an upscale publication. The goal was to improve sales for Imperial Wholesale’s elite service, which is geared toward high net worth individuals who want to make major renovations to their home or office. The project included two different ads.

Read Imperial Wholesale print ad copy.

Campaign Slogans

Client: Venezia’s Pizzeria

Project Description: My job for this project was to create slogans and headlines to accompany them, for a restaurant client’s website and print marketing materials. The client was very happy with option four.

Read Venezia’s Pizzeria campaign slogans.