• Meet Your Pet Freelance Writer

Before she can even remember, Patty has been surrounded by pets of all kinds:patty-and-daisy

  • Hamsters and guinea pigs
  • Goldfish and beta fish
  • A feisty, wild cat lovingly named “Furball”
  • A pound puppy named Scottie
  • Three parakeets
  • Lizzy the lizard
  • Donnie the Dachshund mix, who outlived all the other pets

And of course, her two Dachshunds Belle and Daisy, which she lovingly calls her “furry children.”

Patty has always had a passion for animals as well as a creative skill for writing. Her mother recalls the time when her elementary school teacher thought Patty had copied a story about a cat, which of course was false. The teacher was surprised to learn that the story was, in fact, Patty’s own.

At age 19 Patty worked in a family friend’s retail pet food store in Hamburg, NY. It was there that Patty got an in-depth look at running a pet business and working with pet owners. She was able to learn more about the emotions and compassion people feel for their beloved pets, something Patty can easily relate to. She also learned the importance of proper nutrition and feeding pets a natural, healthy diet, as opposed to feeding pets commercial pet foods.

Patty dove into marketing by accepting a position at an advertising agency. It was there that she got hands-on experience on a large number of different marketing formats and clients. Working with senior copywriters, Patty was able to sharpen her copywriting skills and prepare for her next adventure as a freelance content writer for the pet and veterinary industry.

Currently working as a pet sitter in Mesa, AZ, Patty gets to visit dogs, cats, and other furry and feathered friends daily. She takes pride in providing excellent service to her human clients—and lots of hugs, treats, and play time to her four-legged clients. Clients have provided plenty of “pawsitive” feedback! One said his dogs were content and relaxed upon his family’s return from their 10-day vacation, and has requested Patty’s care for the next trip.

patty-and-belleFor more information, Patty can be reached at 480-203-9249 or pmdimaggio@gmail.com.

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